Star Flares

Flare, star (n): Star that sometimes brightens very suddenly, with no regular repetition.
This is my beauty blog. I'll be reviewing products, posting daily girl obstacles, tips and probably some other random whatnots. Hope someone gets something from this :))) Enjoy...

My Rat (/animal) blog is Pocket Watches & Monocles




Adam and Eve from “Only Lovers Left Alive" deleted scenes

Okay to that anon I hadn’t seen this one, and this helps some. Too cute.

Well that was a slow burn.  Reblogging because eff you, Hiddleston. I’m sure it was him who leaked the copy juST SO HE COULd torTUre mE with the nuZZLE


why do guys think girls wear makeup for them do u honestly think i spent $20 on a blush to make ur dick hard calm down

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9 Life Hacks/Tricks to Simplify Your Life #370


1. Always be ten minutes early to everything. After awhile, it will become a habit and you’ll never be late to anything again.

2. To save money when you shop, don’t touch anything. Touching an item makes you more likely to buy it, and willing to pay more.

3. If you swear at Apple’s automated customer service, it puts you through to a human.

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